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Peg Austin

Hello; this is my first posting; I have been pulling bucketloads of artifacts out of my pasture in Wyoming for years; obviously there was a large encampment there for a long time. It is close to a very large buffalo jump. I am just now getting around to organizing all of this; can someone please tell me if any of this is even worth the effort? I have a few items that seem rare (to me at least), such as beard pluckers and some oddly shaped points. The rocks are mostly chert; some jasper, agate, quartzite. The colors are unlike any I have seen located all in one place.

Sep 23, 2012

Stone Age Hand Axe

Greg Smith

I found this and after googling the item I found it is not a tomahawk blade but a stone age hand axe...Can anyone tell me an approximate value or know of a collector i can contact?

Cody Martin

I have put together a great collection of Indian Artifacts to be auctioned Sunday, September 30th, 2012. Auction location:  Cooper County Youth Fairgrounds, Boonville, MO.  Auction will begin at 1:00p.m.

Donna J

Hi Everyone!

I am new and still learning how to identify arrowheads. I found this one on my property in Northern Michigan, Charlevoix County if that helps. My question is, is this an arrow head or spearhead or something entirely different.

Donna J

Mark Ramsey

Can anyone help me identify the type of material this large blade is made of?  This is an Ex-Ed Payne piece but I have no information as to where the piece was found or the type of material. 
The third photo is a magnified view of the material.



Aug 21, 2012

What is it?


My ex husband found this rock. It got dredged up in the shipping lane under the Oakland Bay Bridge in California. After looking at 100s of photos we can't find anything like it. He claims his grandmother found a sketch of it in a book many years ago.

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