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Aug 07, 2012


Carol Tanner

I have what looks like an ornamental hatchet. It has been confirmed to be Ivory with a rawhide handle. There are drawings on both sides and the back. This artifact is in perfect condition. I need a source of direction.

matthew schmidt

Jeffrey Kretchmer

Hi, for those who previewed my sad attempt of loading up images on my previous post (that has been now deleted), I must apologize!! Turns out that Chrome (at least for me) doesn't like posting images vs. Firefox. Anyways, here's the previous posting. Once again, any info would be greatly appreciated!!!


Eric Bretschneider Hey! Im new to this site, and could REALLY use alittle "insight, and help" identifying, and figuring out the "what's, & when's" of this artifact. I have been(unsuccesfully), looking for ANY/ALL INFO, on this piece since I found it nearly 20 years ago! (Heres the "set up").- I found this item when I was around 9 years old, on a vaction to a dude ranch just outside Yellowstone National Park. It was located just outside the Eastern entrance to the park, and West of Cody, Wy. in the tiny village of Wappitti Wy.(the name of the dude ranch itself is "crossed sabres", & is the oldest continuous dude ranch in the country). I found the artifact 3/4's of the way burried facing straight up, and down on a mud path infront of my cabin, after a 2 day "deluge" of a rain storm. I was VERY YOUNG, and had no idea how lucky I really was. After showing it to the staff, and my parents I was told to hold onto it, and bring er' home.-so I did, and here I am nearly 25 years later, and still in awe of my lucky, mysterious find! The ONLY thing I really do know of the piece, is that it is most likely obsidian, and TOO BIG to be an arrowhead. Its roughly 4"inches long, 2"inches wide at its base, 2"1/2"inches at its widest point, and nearly 1/2" at its thickest point. It does appear that 1 side is sharper, and more "refined" than the other. The sharp side is opposite the side with the more deffined notch. If ANYONE has ANY IDEA, or info pretaining this artifact, I greatly appreciate any reply! And would NO doubt be indebted to whomever could help! Thanx again, & if you would like more pictures, have ANY more questions or comments, please feel free to comment, or contact me elsewhere at Thanks once again for takin' a look at my (over-done) looong post! :-)

Jul 01, 2012


Anthony Randall

Im looking for anyone around Fort Bragg NC to hunt arrowheads with i have a nice collection but always need more anyone that know anything about hunting around fort bragg call me SGT Randall (706)992-3148 thank you im also into trading 


I am looking for any infor or pics of the Petuns nation in the Meaford Ontario Canada .This nation lived in what was former anceint cree land,along the south western area from meaford to OwenSound Ont.Im kind of perplexed on figuring out which nation wore the gorget i found. speculating  maybe Cree.Ive seen fotos of men with rock gorgets in this group.wondering if any pics of Petuns  existed.the  petuns eventual being only 2 nations left after the wars joined the confederacy an became yoked with hurons/neutrals.would appreciate any info pics.

                                                                                                                         thank you

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