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Feb 27, 2012

Mystery tool


I found this while digging on my land it has two distinct lines at the top and its knotched out at the very top. i have done a little bit of research and couldnt  tell exactly what this is. Can anybody tell me what the think it might be sure would help me out

Feb 01, 2012

way,way back

mike ebner

Well it looks like  I'm gettin' somewhere,hopefully,I'm gonna be able to upload some pics for yer enjoyment...that is I hope you guys like these. Peace, Orson Thinwhistle

Dec 26, 2011

Hail To The Chief.

John Miller

Dec 26, 2011

"Hail To The Chief"

John Miller

My name is John Miller, I am a artifact hunter from Southern Michigan. I have  a small but interesting artifact collection of arrowheads and Indian relics found in and around my hometown of White Pigeon Mi. Est. in 1826 White Pigeon is the oldest Incorporated Village in Michigan, and the site of the states first U.S. land office opened in 1837. White Pigeon is translated from "Wahbememe"   a heroic Potawatomi Chief, who saved the first settlers here from attack by hostile Blackhawk Indians.

        Wahbememe, who was a signer of the "1795 Treaty of Greenville" proclaimed himself "Friend to the pioneers who settled this area" and offered them his protection.                           While attending a gathering of chiefs near Detroit approx. 1830.  Wahabememe learned of a Blackhawk plot to attack his friends at the settlement. He was quoted as saying"To betray my village of white people is to betray myself"  He then set out on foot, running nonstop 150 miles across the state without stopping for food or rest. Upon his arrival at the settlement, known as Millville at the time. Wahabememe delivered his warning of impending danger and then collapsed from exhaustion and died. The grateful settlers renamed their village White Pigeon, in his honor

matt dohm

Hi, I'm new to this site.  I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on theses stones?  I was told they may be indian game stones.   They look like they are made of white marble, granite??? not sure.  Are they worth anything?  thanks for looking

Dec 19, 2011


Andrew Schwinn


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