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Ricky Hale

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site, but I joined out of curiosity on a bone I have with an arrowhead imbedded in it. It's about 8"-9" long and best I can figure is it's a femoral bone from a hog. It was found in Beaufort, SC. The arrowhead won't budge. Obviously, I won't force it, but it's lodged for good. I've never seen a bone with an arrowhead so I suspect it may be of more value than an arrowhead by itself. Any of your input and knowledge will be greatly appreciated.


I'm new to all this but perhaps this community will be able to help me identify something? I found it in Grass Valley, California over the weekend. I found the item on top of a very large stone with several mortars. We were there to scatter my mother's ashes, so the fact that I looked down and found this, is special to me so I'm not interested in selling or money value. 

At first I thought it was a bear's claw or a talon. But it's so flat and it looks like it could be made from bone. I did a little research today and discovered that there were several tools made out of bones, but given my cursory search I could not find anything with the rounded curve. So I'm reaching out to the community of experts--I'm interested to know if this is anything and if so, what was it used for? How old is it? If it is an artifact, I believe it was used by the Maidu (based on my research today). Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Made a video of them. These came out of eastern Florida and is part of a larger collection Appear to be made of fossalized coral. Follow link to view video:


This collection which was passed down to me by a familiy member were aquired from eastern Florida. Are these Paleo? They appear to be made of fossilized coral and some are made from what i believe to be chert? What due you guys think I have here? This is a small portion of the collection.  please click on link to view a video on the collection:



These 2 items belong to my cousin...he doesnt have access to the web so I am inquirering on his behalf. I took these pics with my phone and do not have them in my possesion. I wish I had better pics... I will be honest, he is interested to sell them... Thanks for any advise. Frank

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