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16th Annual Prehistoric Indian Aftifact Show

16th Annual Prehistoric Indian Aftifact Show




Show Affiliation(s)

Indiana Archaeological Society

Address(Street & City)

1079 W. 200 N. Peru, Indiana

Date(s)2017-04-01 2017-04-01

Show Information

Best of Show
Best personal found Artifact
3 Awards of Excellence
Host Awards
Best Frame of Artifacts
Personal found collection
Best Single Artifact
Axes and Celts

Admission Details

Open to the public

Show Hours

Pat Mooney

Dealer Setup hours


Show Rules

You must have a current IAS or CASA card to display at any Indiana show. The IAS Policy giving you the right to return any purchases made the day of show for full refund will be in effect. NO Fakes or Reproductions at the show.

Show Host Contact Information

Pat Mooney 765-472-7019 Bryan Warder 765-472-1575

Show Host email address

Contact & Lodging Info

Knights Inn 765-472-3971
Best Western 765-473-8800

Location(Only copy CITY)

1079 W. 200 N. Peru