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Pleasant Valley Show

Pleasant Valley Show




Show Affiliation(s)

Bager State A.S.

Address(Street & City)

3000 Pleasant Valley Road, West Bend , Wisconsin


Show Information

experts on hand to identify Relics. Food and drinks available

Admission Details

Adults $3 Children 12 and under free

Show Hours

Jeff steiner

Dealer Setup hours


Show Rules

Only Authentic Native American material Allowed. Pre Columbian and Indian related items allowed. Fakes and Repos will not be tollerated.

Show Host Contact Information

Kevin Leszcynski,

Show Host email address

Contact & Lodging Info

Super 8, Germantown, Wi. 262-255-0880. Or, Comfort Inn. Jackson Wi.. 262-677-1133

Location(Only copy CITY)

3000 Pleasant Valley Road, West Bend