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Springfield Indian Artifact Show

Springfield Indian Artifact Show




Show Affiliation(s)

Greater St. Louis Archaeological Society

Address(Street & City)

3001 N Grant Ave., Missouri

Date(s)2017-05-12 2017-05-13

Show Information

This is the 11th annual show located at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds East Eplex in North Springfield Missouri near the intersection of Interstate 44 and Highway 13 North.

Over 170 - 200 tables displaying arrowheads, stone axes, pipes, pottery, bone and shell artifacts. Collectors from 8 states will be buying, selling, and trading artifacts. Authenticators will be on hand to certify artifacts for a small fee.

Admission Details

Saturday Admission: Adult $4, Children 12 & under free
8am to 4pm

Friday VIP Night: $10 admission also covers Saturday admissions
5pm to 8:30 pm

Show Hours

Dealer Setup hours

Friday 2pm to 8pm and Saturday 7am to 8am

Show Rules

dealer to remove items from their table. All dealers must guarantee authenticity and provide money back return policy to buyers.

Show Host Contact Information

Stephen Burks 417-619-3269 Richard Eady 417-533-4268

Show Host email address

Contact & Lodging Info

To be determined Call Host

Location(Only copy CITY)

3001 N Grant Ave.