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Smithville Tennessee Native American Artifacts Show

Show Affiliation(s)

Volunteer State Archaeological Society of Tennessee

Address(Street & City)

712 South Congress Blvd. Smithville, Tennessee

Date(s) 7/29/2017

Show Information

Sales Tables 8'  
Display Tables Free 1 per
Sandwiches, Bar-B-Que , Drinks, Snack Bar 
Coffee, Water

Admission Details

Free Admission to Public

Show Hours


Dealer Setup hours

7:AM Sat   7/29/2017




Show Rule

Please Only Genuine Artifacts
Native American, Some Civil War, Early American Allowed if 
Related by Time Frame, Books

Contact & Lodging Info

Call Mike Foster for Table information and availability
615-597-4413 615-418-5957 cl
Event Phone 615-597-2121