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Pine Tree Barn & Farms -  As of December, 2008 just over 1,000 artifacts have been found on this property.  Artifacts included whole points, blades, scrapers, knives, bladelets, tips, bases, damaged slate, and all parts and pieces.  This 165 acre farm is  located in the Killbuck Valley just North of the Killbuck Marsh.  The lakes are located in the lower most point of the valley (843 ft above sea level).  The valley slopes up to the East from the lakes to (928 ft above sea level) and West from the creek to (915 ft above sea level).  In the late 1960’s my grandparents Robert & Elizabeth Dush saw the  potential of the property and fell in love with it.  A few years later they were able to purchase what now is Pine Tree Farm.  Since the farm had the strongest spring in Wayne County  they decided to harness it to create a lake that would replace the marshy bottoms.  In the early 1970’s they built their dream home on a glacial kame in the middle of the lake.  Now in their late 80’s & early 90’s they still enjoy the property as much as they did when they bought it over 35 years ago.  My father Roger Dush and stepmother Rita Dush now own part of the property, ensuring another generation of family ownership. Numbers and red dots indicate artifact finds.  A. indicates lakeshore drive  B. indicates barn and farmhouse (Pine Tree Barn)  C. indicates the main spring  D. indicates the glacial kame  E. indicates a north south tributary to Killbuck Creek  F. indicates the secondary spring.


I hope you enjoy these pictures half as much as I do.


Gregory Dush