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I like to use excel to keep track of my collection.  It allows me to quickly reference all of the information I could ever want about and item.  I have large pictures in my artifact gallery for you to reference.  I am able to break the collection down into different categories by using the tabs option at the bottom of the page.  I have a page for my global items, wayne county items, holmes county, personal and family finds, and so on.  I have also added pages to keep track of anytime my collection is put on display.  I use tabs to reference collector information as well.  Example:  I get a piece from collector  X.  In this tab I have collector X listed along with any info I know about them.  I also reference the artifact code to that collector.  As time goes on and I learn more about the collector or aquire more items from collector X I am able to update the collector information as well as add those codes to their name.  I also use another tab to keep track of items I have that have published.  For example: If artifact with code W1, which means wayne county number 1 artifact was pictured in Who's Who #1.  I would list W1 and reference Who's Who #1.  I use the same format for all collection categories, except for displays, collector info, and publication info.  This format allows me to auto sum the overall price paid for the collection as well as the overall insurance value for the collection.  It is very easy to update as you add and subtract items from your collection.  All you do is add or delete a row.  This system makes it very easy to submit to my insurance company as the collection develops.  I hope you find this helpful and happy collecting. 


Gregory Dush