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Display of the A.S.C.E. Logo indicates observance of these principles

To display the A.S.C.E. Logo on a website, copy and paste the image above into your web page.  The logo must be linked back to this page.   This page's URL is www.arrowheads.com/asce.htm    After adding the Logo, you must register your site with us.  In return, we will add your site's URL to the list of sites below.  All of the sites listed, display the A.S.C.E. Logo, and observe these principles.

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This is a short list of sites displaying the A.S.C.E. Logo
With your support, the list will grow

Arrowheads Dot Com Sierra Artifacts Bob's Lone Star Trading Co.
Mound City Relics Bob's Arrowheads Dot Com www.goodflint.com