Arrowheads Quarterly Field Guide January 24 2020

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If you are new to collecting and thinking of buying artifacts please read this article.
There are many fakes on the market and usually they are the high dollar points or rare artifacts like Bannerstones and Pipes and other Hardstone artifacts.
At we take great pride in sharing useful information with the public about collecting Native American Relics. Take a look at our resource section. We have many reprinted and original articles from CSAS and Authors Such as Steven Cooper, Jim Bennett and Col. John Berner. Click the button to check it out. Calendar of Events. Shows are a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet other collectors. Not to mention to be able to view some of the finest artifacts collected in the last 150 years. Click the button to see them.

Above left is Joshua Ream Known as Clovisoid in the forum. Joshua is a long time member and contributor to forums.
We look forward to every post shared by Joshua he has artifacts not only from North America but from all over the world. Above right he is sharing his Clovisoid collection with several Archaeologist including Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley.
Hoss' favorite post
Check out this great video of our good friend Chase Pipes as he interviews East Tennessee Archaeologist David Dean.
Join our forum, We have many collectors from around North America who join us every day to share and learn about Native American Artifacts, Fossils and Metal Detecting. Come join the conversation. We are the friendliest Artifact Forum on the internet.