Arrowheads Quarterly Field Guide June 14 2022

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Collector Spot Light!
Whether you are a new collector or a lifelong enthusiast we are happy to have you with us on Each month in the forum we add a new member to our member of the month club. Some of these folks have fantastic collections and some have small beginner collections. It is the collector spirit that brings us all together in one place to share and learn about the fascinating hobby of ours. This photo is of Steve Barclay and his arrowhead hunting mentor/father.
I am happy to introduce Steve (GarGuy).

At we take great pride in sharing useful information with the public about collecting Native American Relics. Take a look at our resource section. We have many reprinted articles from CSAS and Authors Such as Steven Cooper, Jim Bennett and Col. John Berner.
We are pleased to be able to share articles from old Central States Archaeological Society Journals. Follow the link to an article about Calendar of Events. Shows are a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet other collectors. Not to mention to be able to view some of the finest artifacts collected in the last 150 years. Click the button to see them.

We hope you enjoyed the article we shared this month. If you would like to see more like that please join the Central States Archaeological Society.
The Central States Archaeological Journal is published collectively by the 21 State Societies. Membership entitles a member to four CSASI Journals 4 per year.

In this issue we are sharing a fine example of a Texas Montell point. This is the finest example of a Montell I have ever seen an amazing 4" long. This type dates to 3,000 to 1,750 B.P. The point in this photo is a personal find of Steve Barclay (Garguy) and shared in our forum during April 2022.
At We Have a Diverse Group of Collectors
You just never know when or where you will find something cool. Our best advice to the reader is " keep your eyes on the ground!" There are cool things lost everywhere. Check out these fossil specimens shared recently by Augmonic

One of our forum member's son has been propecting. Check out this topic!

Recently added the Rowan type to our typology index. This photo is courtesy of HikerGalNC

Steven shares his words of wisdom with us in each issue. Steven Cooper is the Editor and chief of The Central States Archaeological Society. Author of Who's who in Indian Relics. Editor Overstreet Arrowhead ID guide. This issues article discusses Collecting damaged artifacts

In this episode, Chase teams up with Jason Pentrail of Seven Ages Audio Journal to explore Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park, south of Jackson, TN. The site was a burial place for Woodland Period as well as Mississippian Period Native Americans. Leading Chase and Jason on their tour is park ranger Dedra Irwin.
Join our forum, We have many collectors from around North America who join us every day to share and learn about Native American Artifacts, Fossils and Metal Detecting. Come join the conversation. We are the friendliest Artifact Forum on the internet.
Just in case you missed the last issue here is a link to it.