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Arrowheads For Sale

If you have Indian artifacts and arrowheads, you may want to consider holding on to them for just a little bit longer. If they are authentic, they can be a great investment.  The value of high-grade authentic arrowheads has increased year over year, sometimes by as much as fifty percent!  However, if you do have arrowheads for sale, then the stores at is a great place to do so.

Indian arrowheads are the most popular relic that the indigenous American Indians had left on the earth, waiting for us to uncover their existence and history. They are admired by many people because they signify an extraordinary craftsmanship by prehistoric American Indians. They are cleverly formed into points with flutes or notches and are created for some purposeful activities such as big games, hunting, and warfare. These authentic arrowheads may be varied in design, shape, size and form yet most were attached into spear shafts to serve their purpose which is to hit or kill something; hence, they were known to be projectile points.

Nowadays, a lot of enthusiasts are continually engaging into the pursuit of Indian authentic arrowheads. Their reasons may be varied; some may just want to collect them for art’s sake and some may want them as a basis and/or an evidence for ancient history. However, if the persons have no interest in keeping these Native American arrowheads for art sake, they may consider keeping them as a good business investment.  Whatever the reason, there is always the opportunity to place your arrowheads for sale on an arrowhead event.  Here you could also just show off collections, add to collections, and enjoy all the aspects of the hobby.

Initially, you may want to consider many facets of how you could sell arrowheads to the public. The first that any customer would dig into is the history and authenticity. Have your Indian arrowheads be assessed by reputed experts or by the AACA (Authentic Artifact Collector Association). The AACA will issue a certificate or claim of authenticity once they have proved that you own authentic arrowheads. Moreover, they can have their logos attached to your stuff. If the customers will see them, you can possibly seize their trust and then they will likely become your buyers. Furthermore, you need to know the history of your artifacts because most customers will inquire about it. Therefore,  know your arrowheads before you have your arrowheads for sale.

The challenge before you could sell arrowheads is to tag the best and appropriate price. This may be difficult especially if you’re a novice to this business. Nonetheless, you can have them appraised; the ACCA can even recommend decent appraisers in your community. Conversely, both can recommend determined buyers of Indian arrowheads. A book by Robert M. Overstreet, entitled “Official Overstreet Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads” can be your good reference in pricing your authentic arrowheads. The book contains the photos as well as the identification and pricing tips of various authentic arrowheads.

Once your items are tagged with corresponding prices, you can subsequently sell your Indian arrowheads for a fair price. You can either have your arrowheads for sale on your online shop or sell them externally at an artifact event.