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17 Annual Prehistoric Indian Artifact Show

17 Annual Prehistoric Indian Artifact Show




Show Affiliation(s)

Indiana Archaeological Society

Address(Street & City)

1079 W. 200NPeruIndiana

Date(s)2018-04-07 2018-04-07

Show Information

Best of Show
Personal found artifact (voted on)
Award of excellence-3
Host Awards
Best Frame of Artifacts
Personal Found Collection
Best Single Artifact
Axes and Celts

Admission Details

Free Admission to the Public

Show Hours

Pat Mooney

Dealer Setup hours

7:00 am to 8am

Show Rules

You must have a current IAS or CSAS card to display at any Indiana show. The IAS policy giving you the right to return any purchases made the day of the show for a full refund will be in effect.NO REPRODUCTIONS OR FAKES AT THE SHOW. This is a smoke-free facility.

Show Host Contact Information

Pat Mooney 765-472-7019 Bryan Warder 756-472-1575 John Behny 765-860-9189

Show Host email address

Contact & Lodging Info

Knights Inn 765-472-3971
Best Western 765-473-8800

Location(Only copy CITY)

1079 W. 200NPeru