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Albemarle North Carolina Artifact Show
Show name: Albemarle Artifact Show
Show Affiliation(s) CSAS, Piedmont Archaeological Society
Address(Street & City) 24302 South Business 52 Albemarle NC
Zip code 28001
Show Information Free admission
Admission Details Free admission
Date May 22, 2021
Show Hours Norm Jespen
Dealer Setup hours 7 A.M. to 9 A.M.
Dealer Display Table Cost Tables $10 each for Dealer AND Display
Show Rules This show, sponsored by the Piedmont Archaeological Society is for the exhibition of authentic American Indian Artifacts and archaeological books
and related items such as Civil War, Colonial Artifacts, shark teeth and other fossils. No human remains or unlawful items may
be exhibited or brought into the show room.
Show or Venue Website  
Show Host Contact Information Rodney Peck
Cell: 704-213-8753
Home: 704-933-8986
Please do not leave messages, call back if no answer.
Show Host Name Norm Jespen
Show Host Phone Number 704-984-1244
Show Host email address