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Book Reviews

Ancient Objects and Sacred Realms
Edited by F. Kent Reilly III and James F. Garber

This is an exceptional group of essays. Mississippian artifacts and architecture are reinterpreted and analyzed in ten lengthy es­says by leading anthropologists and archae­ologists. The results are a fascinating new view of the Mississippian world.

The essays discuss religion, the meaning and use of various ceremonial artifacts, the sacred meanings behind the layout of sites and much more. While this is more of an ar­chaeological book than a collectors volume; if you have a fascination with the past this book is a must read.

The contributors include James Brown, David H.Dye, Alice Kehoe and others. Ancient Objects and Sacred Realms

(6 X 9, 299 Pages with many illustrations) may be purchased from the University of Texas Press (800) 252-3206 cost $50.00 (cloth hardbound)

Reviewed by Steven R. Cooper E.I.C.