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Dear Advertiser,

Available upon request, is the Google Analytics Traffic report for the most recent period. During the Calendar year 2016, there have been over 320,000 (Unique) visitors to The Website. During the year, those visitors viewed over 3.3 million pages. If you were to COMBINE all the advertising resources available to Native American Indian Artifact collectors and multiply that number by 10, you still would not come close the number of visitors that see your advertisement on .

Advertising with us is easy and cheap. We offer the following THREE ways to promote your business, shows, collection, event or anything you would like to promote regarding Native American Indian Artifact collecting or related businesses.

First, we offer dealer banners that click through from our site to yours. These banners are 240 x 55 pixels in size and are on the main home page and  the Artifact Dealers page. In the month of November 2016, we had 48 Banner Advertisers that received a total of 1,057,490 Banner impressions and 17,892 clicks which is an average of 373 Clicks per banner per month per advertiser.

The cost for this advertisement starts for only TEN DOLLARS per week (depending on page position) when you pay the whole year in advance of $520.00. We offer payments terms that are easier to make if your budget requires you to make smaller payments. You are welcome to pay semi-annually at the rate of 300.00 every six months or you may pay quarterly at the rate of 175.00 every 3 months. At this time, we do not offer a monthly payment plan.

Second, we offer Special Events or Promotion Banners on both the “home landing” page and on the Artifact Dealers page. These Banners are 400x100 pixels in size and appear at the very top of each page in the most prominent positions on our site. No one can come to our site without noticing your Event Banner. Each week, over 10,000 visitors will see your ad for only $250.00 per week. Where else can you buy an advertiser for 2 ½ PENNIES PER VISIT? This banner is also a click through to take people directly to YOUR SITE from ours.

Third, we offer a special Event/Promotion Banner on our Retail Stores Galleries located at This site boasts a respectable number of around 6,000 Visitors per week and they are running an average of 177,000 page views per month. Your ad will appear on the side of the Stores just above or just below the Facebook module. Right now, we are currently offering this precious ad space to only TWO advertisers per week. Your ad will be displayed each time a visitor visits the Stores and will receive 100% of the page views for the entire week. We are currently offering this ad space for only $50.00 per week; a bargain indeed.

We look forward to promoting your business, show, event, auction, related business or anything else you wish to promote to our users.
Please feel free to call or email us with your questions or comments and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.


John and Grace, , or call (662) 816-8187

*Notice: Benmac’s, LLC may cancel a contract at any time for any reason upon ten days’ notice to the advertiser and provide a pro rata refund to the advertiser within 30 days of cancellation.