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Code of Conduct for Forum and associated components(herein after referred to as the “Forum”)

Issue 1.0 (2/15/2012) – this issue replaces all previous versions. Disclaimer

     The comments expressed on the Forum, Facebook Fanpage, Google+ Fanpage, Blogs, or any other social media owned by Overstreet Arrowheads, LLC, are the property of their respective posters and do not necessarily represent the views of Overstreet Arrowheads, LLC. Overstreet Arrowheads, LLC is not a publisher and cannot and will not be held accountable for such comments.

      1.0 (owned by Overstreet Arrowheads, LLC) is committed to freedom of expression, while maintaining a safe online space for people to exchange opinions in a civil manner. Members should bear in mind that the content of all posts is immediately visible to anyone with an internet connection – from children to seniors and from schools to universities. We should present a friendly and welcoming environment to anyone interested in using our resources.

      1.1 The official language of the Forum is English. Posts in other languages are not permitted. These posts will be removed without warning

      1.2 Moderators and any other persons put in a leadership role are expected to be professional and adhere to all rules expressed herein. Failure to do so will result in removal of privileges.


2.0 Forum

     2.1 Words, phrases and concepts which would be considered unacceptable or inappropriate in normal polite conversation or in the presence of children should not be used in the content of posts.

     2.2 Any personal attacks against or discrimination towards another member are strictly forbidden. Posts should not include content that could reasonably be considered: defamatory or libellous; malicious, threatening, harassing or an invasion of privacy; racially, ethnically, religiously, or otherwise prejudiced; pornographic, obscene or vulgar, whether towards an individual, a group of individuals or an entity.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a warning for first time infringers along with removal of offending material. Further infractions will result in a temporary ban from posting; continued infractions will warrant a complete ban from the site.

     2.3 Posts which promote illegal or illicit activities are strictly forbidden (as well as being likely to draw unwelcome attention from relevant authorities to the posting member).

     2.4 Posts intended or likely to incite aggression are forbidden. If your views are contrary to the generally accepted views of the community, do not post them in a confrontational way. Present your views in a civil manner and expect others to be civil in return. Be aware that emotion and meaning behind a post is hard to judge. Do not automatically take posts as an attack against yourself as they may have not been meant in such a way. Use the ‘emoticons’ as helpful indicators of the tone of your posts.

     If you are the user that is being attacked, insulted, threatened or belittled, please do not engage with the aggressor in a manner that perpetuates and escalates the situation. Reporting the situation to the Administrator or a Moderator (each post has a “Report to moderator” button at bottom right) may prove to be more effective.

     2.5 Racial comments are strictly forbidden. Offending material will be removed and the user posting will be automatically banned until he/she has spoken to an administrator to lift the ban. There is no place for this kind of material anywhere at any time.

     2.6 Members must take personal responsibility for the re-use of copyrighted material. When in doubt about the copyright status of material downloaded from the internet, it may be safer to provide a ‘hotlink’ to the original source. At minimum, it is courteous to credit the source of information and images that are not your own, even where copyright is not enforced. Members should note that images on the Wikipedia site are always accompanied by a helpful indication of their copyright status and terms of use. will respond accordingly to all reasonable requests by copyright owners to properly credit or delete material which has not been authorized for re-use. 

     2.7 Members must not use the Forum to knowingly present false or misleading information about artifacts and other collectibles, their value, provenance or the collection thereof.

     2.8 Although offers of items for sale or trade and links to sites where such items are available (including ebay) are not specifically prohibited, the Forum sections are essentially of a non-commercial nature. Commercial trading should be conducted via the “Artifact Stores” section of the site. Members are encouraged to use the “Private Mail” function to conduct negotiations and make off-line arrangements between themselves for informal trading. Buying, selling and trading is at members’ own risk. accepts no liability for such activity and will not mediate in the event of dispute.


     In summary, reserves the right to remove all posts and comments that:

     -contain illegal, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, hateful, or otherwise objectionable content, including links to such content.

     -disrupt dialogue. We do not allow users to repeatedly post the same information to our online Forum sections in a deliberate attempt to inhibit, "spam", or clog open discussion.

     -promote violent action, even in jest. This includes threatening or attempting to incite violence toward another user or entity for ANY reason.

     -engage in ad hominem attacks (i.e. attack a fellow user, rather than the content of the comment itself), stalking or otherwise harassing others on our Forum sections.

     -attempt to falsely state or otherwise misrepresent or impersonate another user, person or entity.

     -violate existing copyright, patent, trademark or other proprietary rights.


3.0 Social Media (FB, G+, etc)

3.1 Social Media pages are owned and operated by the staff at Overstreet Arrowheads, LLC. We reserve the right to remove any controversial material posted by users of the pages.

     3.1 Social Media pages are owned and operated by the staff at Overstreet Arrowheads, LLC. We reserve the right to remove any controversial material posted by users of our pages.