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Recognizing a CSAS Statesman: Mr. Ben W. Thompson
John T. Crowley, Bridgeton, Missouri

John Crowley presents Ben W. Thompson with the Cen­tral States Archaeological Societies' award of recogni­tion.

I have known Ben W. Thompson for many years, and through all of those years he has been my mentor. Much of what I have done as your Editor­in-Chief has been based on his advice and experi­ence. Truthfully, I would not even be your Editor­in-Chief had it not been for Ben's encouragement and that of a few others. But this article is not about me; it is about Ben Thompson.

Ben has been a leader in the Central States Archaeological Societies Inc. for many years. He is truly an elder stateman of the CSAS. In recog­nition of his contributions to our society and North American archaeology, the CSAS officers and delegates presented Ben with the Annual Award of Recognition. Among his many contribu­tions to the CSAS, Ben served as Editor-in-Chief of the Central States Archaeological Journal from 1966-1971 and Managing Editor of the CSAJ in 1971-1972. He is also an assistant editor and con­tinues to serve in this capacity to this day. Ben was CSAS Business Manager from 1972 to 1985. He has also served on numerous CSAS commit­tees over the years, including the Publishing and Finance Committee from 1985-1989, the Nominat­ing Committee, and the Constitution and By-laws committee. In addition to his work on various com­mittees, Ben has also been the author of many articles and book reviews for the CSAJ. His other contributions to North American archaeology in­clude serving as treasurer for the Greater St. Louis Archaeological Society in 1964-1965 and as GSLAS president in 1982. Ben was also the publisher of five volumes of Who's Who in Indian Relics, beginning in 1972. He is recognized by both the professional and avocational archaeologi­cal communities. In addition to his prehistoric ex­pertise, he is also a noted authority on historic Native American artifacts. His tireless efforts on behalf of the CSAS and North American archaeol­ogy should be an inspiration to us all.