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A Family Treasure

by Tim Dunham, Otterville, Missouri

Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.56, No.4, pg.200

Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.57, No.2, pg.98


The St. Charles type dovetail pictured was plowed up in the 1970’s on Heath Creek near the Township of Longwood, Missouri. It was original­ly found by Charles Walker while planting corn. I acquired this point in November 2007 at the es­tate sale of his wife, Mabel Walker.

This part of Missouri is quite unique in that three geographical areas; the Northwest and Northeast Prairie Region and the Ozark Highland Region come together here within three separate coun­ties. Heath Creek starts in northwest Pettis County and flows to the east before making a slight jog north into Saline County, before emptying into the Lamine River in Cooper County. The Walker fam­ily farmed in both Pettis and Saline Counties, so the wife was not sure exactly which county it was found in. The family estate sale was located in Saline County, therefore, I used Saline County as county of discovery. Saline County is bordered on the north by the Missouri River and is very well known by collectors for some of the best Paleo and early Archaic points found in Central Missouri

This dovetail is 5 1/4″and made from a high grade of glossy gray Crescent Quarry chert. It has a needle tip with just a slight bevel, making it very close to being a first stage dovetail. There are a few minor plow dings, as seen in the photo. I feel I have been very fortunate to add this beautiful ar­tifact to my collection.”Used by Permission of the Author”
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