We Buy Arrowheads

We are always in the market to acquire Authentic Native American Indian Artifacts. We buy single pieces or entire collections. Our interests range from average field grade artifacts, to collections containing “High Grade” Artifacts including; Arrowheads, Spear Points, Bannerstones, Birdstones, Gorgets, Pendants, Axes, Celts, Discoidals, Pipes & Pottery. We are your one stop shop to sell it all.

It is very important that you send us good quality photos for our initial evaluation. Please follow the examples of the photo to submit your photos to us: If you do not follow these guidelines, we reserve the right not to reply to your submission.

Photos submitted should be in Focus (see example photo)

  • Photos should be taken on a solid color background with adequate lighting. If they are in display cases – please open the lid, if possible, to prevent glare.
  • All photos should include a standard inch ruler for sizing purposes even if they are in display cases or on display boards.
  • Tell us which state your collection is located in, a little bit about the artifacts or collection you wish to sell and how you acquired it. Good collector history and documentation always adds value to your collection.
  • If you have an asking price in mind, please let us know.
  • Please do not send overlapping or duplicates of the same artifacts. We will let you know if we need extra photos or closeup shots.
  • Our server is limited to 24MB total so keep submission under that.
  • We do not purchase broken/partial pieces & site debris, Face Rocks, Effigy Rocks, or Geofacts. It is not that we do not appreciate these items, we just do not have a collector base for them.
  • If you just want to know “What did I find”, please join our forums, and ask our Mentors; Fill out the form on this page to register for free. https://forums.arrowheads.com/register Then share some photos in the section titled” What did I find”. Once completed, an email is auto generated back to you and you MUST click the link in the email to complete the registration and activate your account. If you don’t see the email please check your spam folder.

Please Note the Following:

Although our initial evaluation is free, we only purchase collections valued at $700 retail or more. There is simply not enough margin for profit for you and us both on collections smaller than that by the time shipping and insurance is paid twice plus the marketing or listing fees we must pay to resell them. However, we will provide free advice to small collection owners how to best sell their collections.

  • We receive dozens of submissions daily and it could take up to 2 days to respond. If you have not heard back from us in 72 hours, please email john@arrowheads.com to follow up.

If you are not ready to sell yet and simply would like to know what your collection is worth (whether it is for Estate Values, Inheritance purposes, Insurance reasons, or just for your peace of mind, then Go to our artifact appraisals services page to get started.

if you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

By contacting us, you warrant that your artifacts were legally obtained according to the Federal & State Laws governing collecting artifacts. State laws may vary from state to state. https://arrowheads.com/laws-concerning-artifact-collecting/ .


If You Are Ready:

Please email, according to the instructions above, john@arrowheads.com

DISCLAIMER: You agree that you will not hold us responsible for the accuracy, or inaccuracy, of the appraisal and so far as the law permits release, discharge, and absolve us for any damages of any kind, nature, or extent. All appraisals necessarily constitute professional judgment. Reasonable persons may disagree on the value of a particular item. An appraisal is our opinion based on the information provided; it is not a guarantee. Inaccurate information, poor-quality photographs, and other such factors may affect the accuracy of our opinion. In some cases, the appraiser will make an offer to purchase the appraised item; caution is advised and you are encouraged to obtain another appraisal report, in your discretion, before accepting the offer.