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A Gallery of Paleo Points

Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.57, No.1, pg.32

Three fine Ohio Paleo points. The 3 inch Cumberland on the left was originally owned by Dr. Stanley Copeland. It is made from Onondaga flint, which outcrops in New York. The 4 1A inch Clovis in the middle is made from a high grade of Dover flint. The Clovis on the far right is 3 5/8 inches in length and made from a variety of Flint Ridge.

Len and Janie Weidner Collection, Westerville, Ohio

Above: Both sides of an interesting 4 1/4 inch long fluted Clovis knife. This was found in an Ohio field by Larry Garvin and his son Chance on May 15th, 2001.

Larry Garvin Collection, Zanesville, Ohio

Above:  These points are from Southwest and Northeast Oklahoma. Pictured in the group are Clovis, Folsom, Cody, Dalton, Plainview and Allen Culture types represented. The materials are from around Oklahoma and neighboring states, includ¬≠ing Alibates, Tecovas, Frisco, Boone, and Frisco Cherts. The largest point is the Clovis, right at 4 inches.

Top Row- Folsom, Marshall Co.; Dalton, Pontotoc Co., Frisco; Cody Knife, Marsall Co., Woodford; Plainview, Tulsa Co., Boone; Milnesand, Tulsa Co. Second Row- Plainview, Washita Co., Alibates; Holland, Washita Co., Alibates; Red River Knife, Tulsa Co., Boone; Plainview, Caddo Co., Tecovas; Scottsbluff, Marshall Co., Edwards Bottom Row-Allen, Kay Co.; Mahafey, Haskell Co.; Clovis, McCurtain Co.; Midland, Kay Co.; San Patrice, Caddo Co.

Chris Merriam Collection,Norman, Oklahoma

Above: Two Clovis points personally found in Tennessee by Steven Jordan. The point on the left was found in 1993 in Houston County and measures 4 1/8 inches. The point on the right was found in 1996 in Davidson County and shows evidence of three multiple flutes on one side. With this point was some wood that was carbon dated to 11,600B.P.

Collection of Steven Jordan, Shelbyville, Tennessee

Above left: Joel Watson found this fine Clovis in Trigg County near Lake Barkley on September 20th 2008. It is made from Dover Flint and measures 4 1,4 inches. Joel Watson Collection, Calvert Cigs Kentucky

Above center: A rare Clovis from the state of Mississippi. This Clovis measures 4 1/2 inches and was found in Tishomingo County by Ryan Ford in the 1930’s.Len and Janie Weidner Collection, Westerville, Ohio

Above right: Keith Couch found this 3 44 inch Clovis made from a colorful Sonora Flint on a creek in Lyon County, Kentucky in January 2009. A huge ice storm struck shortly after and today the creek is covered with debris and totally inaccessible. Keith Couch Collection,Calvert City Kentucky

Above: Clovis point found by William E. (Bill) Pope in a tobacco field in Orange County, North Carolina near the town of Cedar Grove. The point was given to his grandson, Barry L. Pope, in 1964 and was the first point in his collection. It is made from a molted gray flint and is 1 7/8 inches long.Barry Pope Collection, Cary North Carolina“Used by Permission of the Author”
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