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GREGORY PERINO Idabel, Oklahoma
April, 1988 Central States Archaeological Journal Page 90/91 reprinted with permission.
Figure 1 (opposite page) shows an assortment of well-made arrowpoints from my collection. The row of 12 Maud points wending up the middle are some I found in Red River County, Texas, near Red River. The notched Maud point at the top end of the line was found in a refuse pit in Red River County on the bank of Red River. The small Agee point I found on a sand ridge near the Arkansas border in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. The small Catahoula point was given to me by a friend who found it near Longview, Texas (top end of line). The stemmed point below it is a very small Decatur point with a fractured base. It was found in western Virginia and was given to me by a friend. Speculation is that it might be a dart point, while larger Decatur points were used as knives. The point below the Decatur point is an Alba point I found on a site near Red River in McCurtain County. The two Maud points at bottom right and the two at top left, I found on a late Caddoan site near the above site. The metal point was found near Moses Lake, Washington, on a late historic site and was given to me by a friend. The side notched Agee point left of the metal point I found at the same site where the Agee point in the upper right-hand corner came from. Side notched Agee points are not commonly found and only a very few have been reported found in cache groups with Coles Creek burials. The stemmed point below it I found in an early Caddo trash pit on Red River, Red River County, Texas. The like-new Catahoula point, to the right of the stemmed point, I found on a village site on a creek in Red River County, Texas. It is very thin and a fine example of the type. The notched base variety, upper right, may be older. It has been resharpened to a shorter size. Points are shown full size. The photo is by Mike Gorley, Paris, Texas.