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My name is Thornton N. Pyles, aka “Gomer”. A nickname because of the old TV show and a last name of Pyles I could never shake the nickname. Then through the years I found out having 2 names can be  an advantage.  My former boss in the Civil Engineering world and best friend, in trying to help me out on ideas of my then, newly started small business came up with a catchy phrase we used on our normal web site on the internet, “Let Dr. Gomer Fix Your Broken Points”. Officially in 2002 with the blessing of my wife, made it my full time occupation. It has been a family business that now consists of me and my son Teben L. Pyles, aka “Tbone” the 2 people that do the actual hands on work. My dad when alive was the one who received the work coming in, kept hand written logs and also was the main person handling our s/h. My mom was the one who got us into the computer age with our first spreadsheet and helped keep me straight on that. My wife besides being the one who blessed me in allowing me to follow my heart did all the money, taxes, business permits etc. My grandsons all at one time or the other have had the job of being our Cadd techs, doing the optional digital Before/After Certificates we offer on any project we do. I started out offering those free on every project but as the work load grew there just was no time for that anymore. Now that service is a option on every estimate for $2.50 each (the money going to the cadd techs on what for all of them has been their first jobs). J  We now have a web presence in Facebook @ “Gomer’s Lithic Art Restoration”. Facebook allowed us to not hassle with security and high costs of having a web presence. We give “FREE” estimates anytime and honor price quote for one year from date given. We have worked in quite a few cramped working areas but now have the largest studio we have ever had. Surprisingly it would be nice to have even more room these days.

On my personal side when I first got bit by the artifact bug it was an obsession, almost the same as what is called, “Gold Fever”. I got my dad hooked early on with him thinking I was a kinda crazy, not believing arrowheads were a real thing, rotfl. From 1978 till he past in 2019, you see me, you see him hunting rocks. We primarily have hunted the Southern region in many states. It took me quite a while to get control over this passion. If I was not hunting at least 3 days out of every week I was not a “Happy Camper”, even worse if someone found something I walked over…smh! MY business I created helped me soothe my inner man of being the way I was before. Now days if I get a free hour or so and months apart to look for a rock, that’s ok. For that small amount of time I am fortunate to have a yard that has such things in it to find. We are fortunate to handle rocks from all over the world. If someone would have told me 20 some odd years ago someone in Europe would know who “Gomer” is I would have laughed. It truly is a small world!

I can be reached via Email:  or through my facebook page :