Bone Antler Shell

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Plummets, Gorgets, and Pendants

Chunkee Player Shell Gorget

by Kent C. Westbrook, Little Rock, Arkansas Shell gorgets are among the rarest and most beautiful of prehistoric art objects encoun­tered in the United States. Most have been found in

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Beads and Jewelry

Hunting Glass Trade Beads

by V Gary Henry, Ashville, North Carolina Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.56, No.2, pg.82Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.56, No.4, pg.200 In 2005,

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Prehistoric American Indian Beads

Walter Williams, Eastland, Texas Left to right: Olivella shell, turkey bone, Pacific Coast shell, Dickson Mounds pearls and various types of shell beads. From the collection of Walter Williams. At

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Miscellaneous and Unknowns


By Jeb A. Taylor, G.I.R.S. Associate Editor  In Volume XLIII, Number 2, 2009, Prehistoric American, Michael J. O’Brien, Ph.D. and R. Lee Lyman, Ph.D. contributed one more in a long line of theories

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