How To Tell If Your Arrowheads Are Real

Uncovering the Secrets of Arrowhead Authentication: How to Tell if Your Arrowheads are Real Arrowheads are fascinating pieces of history that have captured the attention of collectors for decades, but […]

Where To Buy Genuine Indian Arrowheads

Discover Authentic Indian Arrowheads To Add to Your Collection and Know Where to Buy Genuine Indian Arrowheads. Authentic Indian arrowheads are a fascinating part of history, with some pieces being […]

The Authenticators

Pg.10, Vol.XXXI, No. 4, 1997, “Prehistoric American” In the beginning there were no fakes. When collecting began to take shape and museums sought examples for displays, the devious ones began in […]

Bannerstone CD

The following Bannerstone resource is provided by Terry McGuire, author of “Bannerstones: An Ancient Native American Art Tradition”. Thank you Terry for your wealth of knowledge when it comes to […]