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Hardstone and Porphyry banners

This beautiful group of hardstone and porphrey banners is from the collection of Floyd Ritter, Collinsville, III. Beginning with the bottle banner in the center and going clockwise around the outside; bottle from Moniteau Co., Mo., Crawford Co., Mo., LaSalle Co., Ill., Cooper Co., Mo., Wisconsin winged type from the Frank Burdett Colection, found in Mo., Wisconsin winged pictured on page 398 of Moorehead’s Stoneage in North America, found in Wisconsin, Boone Co., Mo., Clayton Co., Mo., Moniteau Co., Mo., Wisconsin winged from northwest Mo., Madison Co., Ill., A Wisconsin winged from Dodge Co., Wis., pictured in The Payne Collection, Pike Co., Mo., McNairy Co., In. The three banners in the center, from top to bottom are from Massac Co., Ill., center found in 1935, formerly in the Lester Field Collection, from Mo., bottom from Weakley Co., Tenn. (Photograph by Peter A. Bostrom, Troy, Ill.)

floyd ritter bannerstones