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One of Just Three: An Extremely Rare Paleo Projectile Point from Georgia

by J Steven Beasley, Marietta, Georgia


In the 1980’s on the Etowah River in Bartow County Georgia, I found a small Cumberland Point. The projectile is three inches in length, fluted to the tip on both sides and made from Ft. Payne chert. Surprisingly, the projectile has no apparent ancient or modem damage. It is currently one of only three Cumberland points to be documented from the state of Georgia according to the Center for the Study of the First Americans. It is listed as speci¬≠men number 1136 in the Georgia Paleoindian survey. This survey provided documentation of 216 points in 1990 and has grown to 1445 points as of April 2008.

If you have any Paleo points from the state of Georgia and you would like to get them documented, contact me and I will be glad to assist.