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By Keith Brown

This site was tilled for many years and was a favorite for surface hunting, which I did for many years. I had found bird points to Paleo but never in my wildest dreams would I ever find a Folsom.

Then a clear, frosty Christmas morning in 1999 at 9:20 A.M. found me looking for arrow points. was hunting at a favorite area in a gold colored sand in Lee County, Texas. had the surprise of my life when suddenly I saw a Folsom point. It was double fluted and had a small impact fracture. I knew then that the Folsom people had lived where I was standing.


The First One!

(Actual Size)

For several years I hunted the site alone. The retired peanut field has produced many finds and is the only genuine Folsom site I know producing 50 plus points and fragments. Nearly all have been used heavily. It has also produced points of almost every culture, even some uncommon to the state of Texas. I found most of the Folsom points, but several others have found a Folsom point also. Some Clovis points and related tools have also been found.

The Gold Sand site has had many hunters and all have, over the years, gone home with some finds. Some were once-in-a-lifetime finds, and some not, but always with a find. In 2004 I married Anne, from the Philippines. She is also a very good and knowledgeable hunter and has found many artifacts including both Folsom and Clovis points. A collection of our personal finds owned by Bill German was the hit of the show at the Temple, Texas artifact show in June 2006.  It has been an adventure looking at this site and still will be in the future.  John Kubena and Dave Jones also found many fine artifacts at the site during the times that we were working together.