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Uncovering an Exquisite Woodland Frog Pipe

by Rickey P Brumfield, Tell City, Indiana

Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.57, No.3, pg.146


My buddy, Randall Hansen and I went artifact hunting on December 1st, 2009. As we walked through a field in Warrick County, Indiana, some­thing caught our eyes. The object was barely vis­ible as it looked more like a lump of dirt than an artifact. Luckily, we had our digital camera along, and took pictures as we uncovered it.

The pipe it is of a very fine sandstone with nice edging. It measures 4′ inches in length, 2’/2 inches wide and a little more than 2 ‘/2 inches in height.

There has been pottery found in the same area that appears to be from the Yankeetown Complex (grit tempered), smooth with very little if any de­sign. As of now we can call it early in the Late Woodland Period. Without a carbon date we can­not pin point the time line exactly.

The pipe now proudly resides in the Randall Hansen and Rickey Brumfield collection.
“Used by Permission of the Author”
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