What to Do with Inherited Arrowheads


Are you the proud owner of a collection of inherited arrowheads, unsure of what to do with them? You’re not alone. Many people find themselves in possession of these historical […]

Reproduction or Replica?

How do you identify if an arrowhead is a reproduction or a replica? Unpublished 12/31/99 What is the difference? A repro­duction is a copy of any artifact which simulates or […]

Collecting beginning

As the early pioneer farmers began to turn the sod and cul­tivate the fields of rural North America, stone age artifacts of long past civilizations began to emerge from their […]

Perfect Arrowhead Phenomena

Pg.9, Vol.XXXI No.2,1997 “Prehistoric American”  Perfect means flawless. Phenomena means an unusual, unaccountable, remarkable fact or occurrence. The appearance of thousands of perfect arrowheads in the last 10 years; must certainly […]

False patina; an illusion of age

Pg.31, Vol. XXX, No.1, 1996, “Prehistoric American”  What is patina? Webster’s diction­ary(2) says:”the sheen on antique sur­face produced by use and age”. If that is patina, what is false patina? I […]

Artifact or Artifake?

How do you know if your Indian artifact or arrowhead is real? Pg.186,Vol.31, No.4 ,1984, “Central States Archaeological Journal” My past experiences as Editor-in­chief of both the Redskin and Artifacts magazines […]

Etiquette of a Gentleman Collector

Pg3, Vol.XXXIV, No.4, 2000, “Prehistoric American” For 31 years, most of my editorializ­ing has been the subject of Frauds, etc. This is the forty eighth publication I have produced for the GIRS, […]

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

How can you tell if an arrowhead or Indian artifact is fake or real? Pg.142, Volume 46, No3,1999, “Central States Archaeological Journal” Wolves abound everywhere and while you may not readily […]