A preoccupation with Fakes?

Pg.31,Vol.XXX, No.2, 1996, “Prehistoric American” I certainly hope not.But the fact remains that Fakes are an ever present problem. Late in 1988, I was politely informed by one of our illustrious […]

How to tell a Fake

How can you tell if an arrowhead or Indian Artifact is a fake? Pg.109, Vol.VI, No.4, 1969 “The Redskin” Fakes come in two kinds, those that are sold; and those that […]

A never ending supply

Pg.25, Vol. XXII, No.4, 1988, “Prehistoric Artifacts”        I never cease to be amazed at the crassness of the dishonest purveyor of Fake material. We set up a display of […]