Bannerstones – What Are They?

Knoblock stuck with the older theories on the usage of bannerstones. He believed they were ornamental or ceremonial objects. His conclusions were based partly on the fact that certain forms of bannerstones were […]


by Richard Michael Gramly, PhD  THE ARCHAIC BANNERSTONE: ITS CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORYAND PURPOSE FROM 6000 B.C. TO 1000 B.C. by DAVID L. LUTZ Bannerstones exist both in art and anthropology. David L. […]

Bannerstone Images

                   Quartz Hourglass Bannerstone                                        Fluted Ball Bannerstone                           David Lutz Collection                                                 Mark Clark Collection                          (John Pafford Photo)                                                   (John Pafford Photo)                         Chlorite Crescent Bannerstone                             Jon Sorgenfrei Collection   […]

The Atlatl Hook and Weight

David Lutz Collection, Newburgh, Indiana The atlatl hook and weight combination is not only a fascinating insight into the hunting technique that Native Americans used in the spear thrower, but […]

Introduction – Bannerstones

by Charlie Wagers, Fairfield, Ohio This issue of Prehistoric American is dedicated to the bannerstone, a prehistoric artform which captures the imagination and love of most all artifact collectors.  The bannerstone […]

A Chronology of Bannerstones

Our understanding of banner types of the late Archaic Period is much better than the previous period due to the larger number of sites excavated in Northern Alabama, Tennessee and […]

Hardstone and Porphyry banners

This beautiful group of hardstone and porphrey banners is from the collection of Floyd Ritter, Collinsville, III. Beginning with the bottle banner in the center and going clockwise around the […]