Artificial aging is counterfeiting

by John F.Berner, EIC  Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.54, No.1, pg.18 Make no mistake, if a person ages flint or any other artifact, that person is a counterfeiter. There […]

Reproduction or Replica?

How do you identify if an arrowhead is a reproduction or a replica? Unpublished 12/31/99 What is the difference? A repro­duction is a copy of any artifact which simulates or […]

Artifact or Artifake?

How do you know if your Indian artifact or arrowhead is real? Pg.186,Vol.31, No.4 ,1984, “Central States Archaeological Journal” My past experiences as Editor-in­chief of both the Redskin and Artifacts magazines […]

The Real Thing

By David DeTar Newbert, ChairmanPublication Materials Screening Committee We watched with anticipation as yet another half-dollar-sized flake of Knife River Flint was struck off the piece. Over the course of […]

Benefits of viewing artifacts with UV light

By John F. Berner/ EIC Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.52, No.3, pg.126 May I treat this subject as a introduc­tory matter? The reason is there have been some […]

Fakes and Frauds

Don Gustafson, Cadillac, Michigan Now that some of the emphasis on the subject of legislative concerns has died down, let’s get back to the problem of fakes. While we have […]