Mississippian Pottery: A Tribute to Roy Hathcock

By Rick Fitzgerald Front Cover                                                                                  Image: Winged-eyed Hawk Among artifact collectors, Roy Hathcock was a legend.  He popularized Native American ceramics of the central Mississippi River Valley by publishing […]

Bannerstones- An Ancient Native American Art Tradition

CD-ROM REVIEW By Richard SissonG.I.R.S. Member Bannerstones – An AncientNative American Art TraditionBy Edward Harvey This study published in CD Rom format by Edward Harvey constitutes a major con­tribution to understanding […]

FAKING- The Ancient Andes

Karen 0. Bruhns Nancy L. Kelker Originally we planned a single comprehensive volume dealing with fakes, for­geries, and forgers from all across the ancient Americas, but as the project neared […]